The app for messaging with your patients

Collabobeat makes communication with your patients safer, easier and faster.

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About Collabobeat


Collabobeat is just like your office:

  • You work with your team and your workplace rules
  • You ask your patients to join
  • You set the response time freely and regain control over your work.
Your WhatsApp will finally be for family and friends only!

Medical Team
Doctor’s Office

A safer, easier and faster way to manage your patients remotely


Access anytime, anywhere, from any device


A direct line with your doctors to have all the answers you need

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Collabobeat for you

GDPR compliant

Compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Desktop app

Easy-to-use desktop app


Set up a medical staff and manage assessment questionnaires

Science-driven algorithms

Based on the latest scientific publications on digital communication between patient and doctor

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Collabobeat for your patient


Easier to use than WhatsApp


Allows a family member to join the communication


Keeps patient’s data safe


App for both iOS and Android mobile devices

About Us

Collabobeat involves a multidisciplinary team of 10 people from two distinct but complementary firms: Digital Health Experience and Airbag Studio.

Thanks to Digital Health Experience and its founder’s 10 years of experience in the digital health domain, Collabobeat is today able to match the needs of the target market and offer the best solution to improve doctor-patient communication in healthcare organizations. The decades-long experience of Airbag Studio, on the other hand, guarantees operation, updating and maintenance of the entire IT infrastructure over time.


Collabobeat changed over time, as all things do. In these years of intense networking, we found out that medical professionals have shown increasing interest in the opportunity to leave WhatsApp behind and bring doctor-patient communication back into a more typical clinical setting.


Arsenàl Consortium, Veneto's Research Centre for eHealth Innovation

“This platform allows patients to interact with their doctors proactively, ensuring high levels of compliance and transparency for the entire duration of treatment”


Fabio Profeta

“I think Collabobeat is an amazing idea because it would allow me to get answers from my doctor much faster. I have multiple sclerosis, and communication can be very difficult. Even with e-mails, replies can often take days. Sometimes, the only solution is to go see the doctor in person, but that’s not always possible.”


Dr. Silvia, Hematologist

“During my shift at work, I receive between 8 to 10 calls every hour from recently discharged patients and outpatients. Being part of the Collabobeat trial would mean being able to offer all my patients timely and higher quality follow-ups with fewer external distractions.”

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